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Friday, July 19, 2019

Standard Operations Manual for Aerial Application Operations Package


CASA has approved the AAAA Part 137 compliant Standard Operations Manual (SOM) and it is now available to all aerial applicators to make the transition to Part 137 as simple as possible.
To purchase a AAAA Part 137 compliant SOM from AAAA all you have to do is:

1. Read and understand the terms and conditions that underpin the AAAA SOM – these are ATTACHED 
2. Print out and sign the terms and conditions 
3. Post the signed terms and conditions and FULL PAYMENT in accordance with the schedule of fees below to AAAA's offices 

Please include your full contact and postal details and full company name with the application/terms and conditions.  This assists with confidentiality.

As soon as AAAA has your signed terms and conditions and payment in the appropriate category, we will assign a serial number to your manual, get it printed and two copies out to you with the Certificate of Authenticity. We will then e-mail the Standard Schedule of Differences to you so that you can change it on screen before printing it out. 

The manual is pre-approved by CASA, and all applicants have to do is to complete the Schedule of Differences that details where their operation is different to the standard manual. This process requires you to add in local emergency contacts, company structure and other details that will be specific to your company. To assist further, AAAA provides a standard Schedule of Differences to purchasers of the AAAA SOM. 

Each manual will be issued with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity

You can then send the Schedule of Differences with a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity to the relevant CASA officer you are dealing with.  It is always best to discuss any significant changes you want to include in your Schedule of Difference with the relevant CASA officer before submitting it.

Schedule of Fees - AAAA Part 137 Compliant Standard Operations Manual 

AAAA Financial Member                     $3,850 
AAAA Financial Pilot Member of 3 years 
standing wanting to transition to 
operator member                                              $5,170 
Non-members                                              $8,800 



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Standard Operations Manual for Aerial Application Operations Package Terms and Conditions

To download AAAA's Standard Operations Manual Terms and Conditions please click on the link below -

AAAA's Standards Operations Manual Terms and Conditions 

Copyright 2011 by Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia